Recovering waste heat from manufacturing cars

Helping a leading car manufacturer use renewable energy and reduce emissions.

Scope of works:

Designed and installed a heat exchanger into the RTO flues (Regenerative Thermal Oxidisers) in the paint shop of a global car manufacturer. The heat exchanger recovers the energy used to burn away the paint fumes and uses the waste heat to reduce energy usage and associated costs in other parts of the manufacturing process. This leading car manufacturer with a factory in The Midlands, is committed to reducing emissions and using renewable energy wherever possible. Recovering and reusing waste energy enables the existing gas-fired boilers to become redundant.

Key challenges:

  • Designing a recovery system that can cope with high operating temperatures.
  • The size of the factory meant long distances between boilers, RTOs and control panels.
  • Our solution needed to integrate with existing systems and processes
  • Modifications to the RTO system had to be undertaken without stopping production


  • The team installed a thermal oil system with a stainless steel fin and tube heat exchanger in the RTO duct. With high operating temperatures, this was a safer
    solution than using water.
  • Two Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC) were linked by fibre optic cable due to the distance between the boiler and the RTO to allow full control of the
  • A 3D scan and model before the build ensured that the Arcade solution was optimised to suit the manufacturer’s requirements.

Products Supplied: Thermal Oil System, LTHW systems, Control Panels and wiring, heat exchangers and flue modifications

Service: Heat Recovery and Decarbonisation

Project info

Project: Car Manufacturing Plant

Client: Confidential

Value: £600,000