Using waste heat to power the print

Managing the design and installation of a heat recovery system at an environmentally-conscious, high-quality magazine and large format printing facility.

Scope of works:

PCP works hard to minimise emissions and, where possible, reduce energy consumption in its factory. The experienced Arcade team was commissioned to design a heat recovery system to capture and recycle waste heat from the printing process and convert this heat into a hot water system.

Key challenges:

  • A live factory environment usually running 24/7 necessitated the Arcade team to work closely with the site team to minimise downtime to one single 12-hour shift


  • After intensive research and multiple calculations, the team designed a robust system that captured the waste heat from the exhaust stack that could be used to heat the factory and provide hot water at 85℃.
  • The new system uses the captured hot air to heat water in a heat exchanger. Water reaches temperatures of up to a high of 85℃, with a bifurcated fan to assist the process.
  • A HMI touch screen PLC gives additional control over the system as well as remote monitoring and updates.

Products and Services Supplied: Stainless steel pipework, heat exchanger, pumps, heat metres, controls, and modifications to the heat stack.

Service: Heat Recovery & Decarbonisation

Project info

Client: PCP

Value: £150,000